Latest Event December 03, 2019 Transit Techies NYC #12: The Twelfth Decade

Technologists who love transit.
Transit enthusiasts who hack!

Speakers present transit-related projects. Presenters may be household hackers, data scientists, researchers, product developers, or you! All presentations will be technical and awesome.

Our group is inspired by the legendary DC Transportation Techies run by Michael Schade.

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Past Speakers

Below is a list of people who have presented at past events. We regularly have 3-4 speakers per session.


Transit Techies NYC was started in the summer of 2018 by Tyler Green and Kohzy.

Tyler is an enthusiast of all things urban. As an engineer on Intersection's IxNConnect platform, he creates digital solutions to improve the transit rider experience. Outside of the office, he can be found riding trains to ends of lines, rooting for the Yankees, and reading about urban leaders past, present, and future.

Kohzy likes learning new things. By day he's a product manager on Intersection's digital display platform IxNConnect. By night (and weekend), he dabbles in AR, creative coding, speculative fiction, and of course, anything transit + tech.