Transit Techies NYC #6: Six-Car Train

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Francis Tseng will kick us off talking about his work modeling and simulating transit demand within the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte as part of his research collaboration with the Institute for Applied Economic Research in Brazil.

Sunny Zheng will talk about his North American Intercity Rail Tools map (more commonly known as ASM), which is a culmination of his efforts to increase access to Amtrak real time data.

Jacqueline Klopp will present the Digital Matatus project, a joint effort to use smartphone data to map the informal minivan (matatu) transportation system in Nairobi.

Lauren Tarte and Anne Halvorsen will round up the evening with a discussion of the recent Subway and Bus Performance Dashboards that the Data/Research/Development group at New York City Transit have worked on, improving transparency and leveraging passenger-centric performance metrics.

Written Recap

Click here for a written recap by Matt Joseph.